Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ok I'm back at this again. A lot has been going on with me in my personal life and with work. Work wise I'm still at the same building and still learning fire alarm. I really do like fire alarm but I'm not gonna lie i wish I was doing some bus duct or switchgear for a week or two. My personal life has really put me behind with trying to study for the Nicet test. Its not hard to go to work and study but everyone has to always add more to their plate than what they can handle. I'm the guiltiest person for doing that to myself. Please if you are coming into the program take my advice and buy a car that is great on gas!!!!!!!! I drive a Tahoe and from Southern Maryland to Rockville EVERY DAY! Its really putting a hurting on my wallet. You never know where your next job site will be so try to work out something or save some money for gas! On that note I'm gone. Until next month have a good one!

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