Monday, November 19, 2012

Ask and you shall recieve

Finally i got to work on something other than fire alarm! For the past couple of weeks I've been running a lot of rigid pipe. Small stuff only 3/4 and 1/2 but I'm not complaining. Also i got my first taste of double time! It stunk that I didn't do anything for the weekend but i think it was well worth it! A lot of the jobs my company has right now is on a quick deadline so the work really has my mind occupied all day and i love it! You think you have only been at work for a hour but you look at the clock and its break time. Learn to love running pipe! The more you know about how to do it the faster your day goes and you really get to look at your hard work. On another note school has really toughened up. A lot of new formulas came in at once. Sad to say it but i failed a test. only one though and that's the only one i will fail. When your in the apprenticeship use the tutoring and go double check your homework. It will bring a relief to know you have the right answers and you will know the material better. The teachers are there to help you but not give you everything you have to earn it. They wont help you if you wont even help yourself. We are the future of our local and the IBEW and the teachers and contractors need to know that were the best out in the field. Me personally, is very grateful to have the staff that's there to tech me and help me become a master electrician. Yes I said master, that's my goal and I'm not stopping even after i get there! Happy turkey day everyone!

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