Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rough times!!!!

Well its been some time now since my last blog. I had a lot of trouble come my way. A week or so after my last post I got into another accident. This time it was with my motorcycle. A bunch of friends and myself went out for a nice Sunday cruise so I thought I would be okay with my helmet, shorts and a t-shirt. Really bad decision! The peg that you rest your foot on snapped ( no i was doing anything dumb). Went to up-shift and my foot went right to the asphalt. My body slid back in the seat and fingers slipped off of the clutch. next thing I know I'm rolling on the asphalt at about 65mph. Again I'm fine but my body got alot of road rash that's gonna take a while to fully heal. I swear my luck has been the worst here lately. Missed almost Two weeks of work and a day of school. Lost out on a lot of overtime and just money in general. Its hard to catch up when you miss that much time. I'm still trying now. Since I've been back to work the job has slowed down. Were back to the 6-2 shift and now its a lot of different tasks everyday. From pulling cat5 wire to fishing MC down a wall for a added receptacle. Also the transfer happens again in two weeks. This part is always the part that kinda makes you worry. At least i do! You have no idea where your going to work or for what company. It could be a 15 mile drive a day or a 100 mile drive. The best part i look forward to is its gonna be a new experience, new teachers and new tasks. Ill find out where in going the next day I'm in school but i cant write about it until my next post ( which wont take as long as this one did, sorry ). Until then ladies and gents!

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